“Enhanced writing skill doesn’t just ensure better response. It can enhance your reputation and generate trust.”
If you communicate with your customer via SMS, today’s ‘tsunami’ of content that reaches consumers means if you want a response, your message had better stand out.
If the text on your website isn’t simple and delivered in bite-sized portions, the reader is already on the world’s biggest advertising platform and will search the internet for an alternative to your offer that doesn’t test their patience.
And the most competitive medium of all – social media? Well, you have to be on it, but if the reader doesn’t know what you’re offering within one second your business is, literally, being swiped away.
Emails. It doesn’t matter if your audience is within the company you own or work for, or is a customer. That piece of correspondence will define you and the respect you have for the reader.

How it works.  There are four tutorials within the scope of advertising writing.

 You can either choose to do all four tutorials, depending on your  business requirements or you can choose to complete either 1, 2, 3 of the 4 tutorials. It’s up to you. (See About Us).

Once you have decided which tutorial/s you wish to work with, you work at your own pace. Finessing you writing as per the tutorial specifics. Comments on the Facebook are welcomed throughout your process of completing the tutorial.

Whether you work in a large enterprise or a small company, or you’re in an online or high street retail business, you will derive real and immediate benefit from The Business Writing School.


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About Us


Having worked on every product or service category imaginable as a copywiter, I must state the most value I extracted from my 35 years’ experience was how to write with economy.This discipline has led me to engage in a continuous study of ‘what makes people read’. Not the broader meaning of the word in terms of a reader’s interest in fiction, non-fiction or a particular subject matter, but rather what keeps a reader’s interest alive whilst digesting a commercial or corporate message. That’s what The Business Writing School is all about. It offers some easy guidelines to understanding ‘what makes people read’. When I started it, I admit it was my life as a consumer, not just my calling as a writer, which was guiding me. Like all of us, I too was sick and tired of the thousands of uninvited commercial intrusions I was receiving daily. The sheer numbers meant that most of the messages offering something of value were being discarded. As a writer, this was unacceptable to me. But what started as a simple training module on commercial SMS writing, has become a little bigger, exploiting all the experience I have gained as a commercial writer. Emails, web copy, social media and SEO writing have since joined the list, to become The Business Writing School.

You won’t find a lot of my advice in a textbook. But I think the reader threw the textbook out a long time ago.



John has been a copywriter, speechwriter, author and songwriter in a career spanning four continents, thirty years and over 200 international awards.

Along with assisting clients in the UK, Middle East and Africa with content and strategy, John is the creator of content and evaluator of The Business Writing School.


Pam has been a journalist representing the Cannes Lion Advertising Festival and Screen Africa Magazine.  Her career as a top flight commercials producer lasted twenty years.

She now balances a thriving fitness business with the management and administration of The Business Writing School.

Our Tutorials

SMS Format

Did you know, for example, that economising on words in a promotional SMS could increase response by  thousands of percentage points?

Email Format

Remember to respect the time and effort of your reader by getting to the point quickly and clearly in short paragraphs. 

Then remind the reader why you believe that what you’re writing about is relevant to them.

Social Media Format

And the most competitive medium of all – social media? Well, you have to be on it, but if the reader doesn’t know what you’re offering within one second your business is, literally, being swiped away.

Website Format

Your text is likely to be in support of a visual, so keep it short and descriptive. Don’t be afraid to throw in the odd adjective if it influences the reader’s attitude.

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